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Host-Only networking with Virtual Box

+1 vote

I've been trying to setup Host-only networking between my eCS guest and Mac OSx Host. I already have a bridged network for internet access, but wanted to access the host file system from the guest. In reading the docs I thought this might work, but I don't seem to get any connection. I'm thinking that I don't understand what I'm doing enough to set it up correctly. I setup a second adapter in the guest and assigned a fixed IP address. I assigned the Host-Only adapter in VBox and it assigned it an IP address. Is that the IP that I need to connect to from the guest? The docs say that the host should show a new adapter in it's networking setup, but I don't see any new adapter in the list. Has anyone gotten this to work?

posted Aug 19, 2013 by Ahmed Patel

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2 Answers

+2 votes

For connecting eCS guest and Linux/Ubuntu host I use (s)ftp started from eCS, as it was easiest to set up. And for connecting to the internet I need/use SSH.

answer Aug 19, 2013 by Luv Kumar
Actually that is what I am using at present. I was just hoping for a way to do it without having to start up the FTP every-time I want to move files between the two.
+1 vote

When you setup host networking, virtualbox has its own dhcp server. So, don't assign a static address to your second adapter, have do dhcp instead.

answer Aug 19, 2013 by Garima Jain
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I am trying to virtualise a DOS guest on a windows 7 host because the physical box is going to break in short (386, very old). Unfortunately there is a software running using a hardware dongle on parallel port. AFAIK there is no virtual parallel port in vbox, and anyways it probably would not work with a dongle.

So how can I configure vbox to exclusively use the hosts parallel port?

+1 vote

I put an IPv4 entry for a server in my /etc/hosts file. I can 'ping alice', but 'host alice' comes back with:

Host alice not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

I have this vague memory from years back about a file that set precedence of hosts file and dns for fqdn lookup. Can't remember it of find it.

Of course the problem might simply be the host command is incapable of processing the /etc/hosts file?

Any suggestions?

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I have a ubuntu 16.04 running on a remote server, for which I have a fixed address assigned by the provider. On this machine I have a virtual box virtual server running with a static address of

How do I add a gateway to access this address. it needs to be accessible only on the remote server. not from the internet.

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I have python-django installed on ubuntu installed on top of virtual Box. Also I have apache2 installed in the same way. When i visit the page hoisted by Apache2 from my Windows Host machine it worked.
But When i am doing the same for Django pages it's not opening up in Web browser from Host machine.
In the virtual box I am using bridged adapter and Eth0.

Please Help me to sort out this problem

+1 vote

I did a fresh install of LinuxMint, v 16, Petra and through the Software Manager installed VirtualBox (non free version)

VrtualBox v4.3
Host: LinuxMint v16. Petra with the MATE DE
Guest: Windows XP Home

The following Error Message appears when attempting to install Window XP.

"Failed to open a session for the virtual machine Windows XP.
Failed to load VMMR0r0(VERR_SVM_DISABLED"

Clicking on Details, reveals

"Result Code: NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0X800040005)
Component: Console
Interface: IConsole (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)"

Is there someone on the list who can tell me what may have gone wrong,

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