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Android DRM Plugin implementation

0 votes

I need to create DRM solution for protecting video content with it's license to play only in licensed media player ,

For this, Do I need to implement DRM plugin by myself or i have to go for third party Drm plugin like merlin/widevine to call android DRM API. If by myself to implement the DRM Plugin then how can I implement ? Please any one provide sample program to implement this.

In the Andoird Document from the below url
I have seen the below sentence To learn how to use the DRM API with a specific DRM plug-in, see the documentation provided by the plug-in developer.

What does it mean ?. it means that we need to go for third party DRM Plugin vendors

I am little bit confused in implementing DRM Solution. Please Kindly any one show the valuable suggestion/solution.

posted May 29, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

AOSP has sample plugin for OMA DRM FL content.It also has support in Stagefright level for Video Playback. Try to understand FL plugin. It will help you understanding for writing new plugin.

answer May 30, 2013 by anonymous
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