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Terminal title doesn't change correctly

0 votes

When I open a new XFCE terminal, the window title is "terminal".

If I ssh to another computer via ssh mooch, the title changes to "sdstern@mooch:~" Typing "exit" to return to my desktop does not affect the window title.

Starting clean, "ssh -p 12345" does NOT change the window title.

Anyone know what's going on with XFCE Terminal?

Also, this is exactly the same thing I see if I use gnome-terminal instead, so this is probably a Works-As-Designed. Help me understand the design!

posted Jun 12, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote
Best answer

Right click on the terminal and bring up preferences.
What do you have the "Dynamically-set title" option set to?

answer Jun 12, 2013 by anonymous
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according to several webpages, once installed you can set the mysqld service enable and start automatically when fedora starts.

for that you must run:

systemctl enable mysqld.service
systemctl start mysqld.service

however in my case this only start mysqld service for the running time. Once computer is restarted, mysqld does not start automatically.

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I have two F18 systems.

1) when I open Connect to server I see the list of recent connected server and I have also the Explore button
2) in a fresh installed system I don't have the server list and also explore button is missing

Both system connect each other fine with smb or sftp. What am I missing??

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I'm running Fedora-24(beta)/KDE, and sendmail/email (through KMail) is failing.
When I try to send email I get the warning "Failed to transmit message", and journalctl has the entry
"sendmail.service: PID file /run/ not readable (yet?)
after start: No such file or directory".

I've checked, and is in place:

$ sudo cat /run/ 
/usr/sbin/sendmail -bd -q1h 

Googling for the journalctl entry, I see people have been encountering this problem for years. But I haven't seen any solution offered. Several of the comments suggest that it is a systemd problem.

please help?

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For some reason I have to temporarily deactivate IPv6 interface configuration on a F22 server box.

According to documentation (or at least as I understood) it could be done either by adding

to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0


to /etc/sysconfig/network

I tried both, executed "nmcli c reload", "systemctl restart NetworkManager", even rebooted the system. No change in network configuration. In ifconfig I have a local link address as well as a global address as advertised by the router and autoconfig based on mac address.

All those options are documented in usr/share/doc/initscripts/sysconfig.txt, so I guess these are still valid options.

Now I am wondering what I may have overlooked or missed?

Any hint appreciated.

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I looked in /lib/systemd and /etc/systemd, recursively, and none of the services or dependencies have the string pulseaudio in them.

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