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What is the future of LTE?

+1 vote

When WiMax was there everyone was talking about the WiMax, now LTE in future may be 5G. What if 5G comes before LTE takes over the market. Is there a market risk with LTE in this way?

posted Jun 27, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+2 votes

At least in India LTE is not going to be a hit, that seems to be the trend. Number of 4G subscriber for the Airtel is still less then 20K (source and there is already a price war started in the data space.
Now coming to the main point if there a market risk with OFDMA then answer is yes, before the critical mass is achieved if any new technology comes then OFDMA can be a old story. But EPC will remain as most of the infrastructure part will be reused whatever technology come.

answer Jun 28, 2013 by Salil Agrawal
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The site says that the future is Python 3, yet whenever I try something new in Python, such as Tkinter, everything seems to default to Python 2.

By this I mean that, whenever I find that I need to install another package, it shows up as Python 2 unless I explicitly specify Python 3.

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I would like to change PDCP SN to 12 bits ( 7 bits is current) but not clear the effect.

From my understanding, if i increase the PDCP size to 12 bits (4096) for UE side it would be easier to decode packets correctly because sequence number will be identified with more bits.

What is your opinion?

Also since we increase the header for PDCP sn then data payload will be smaller so we can affect the throughput.

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