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How to upload and download files (type of files pdfs,xls,word) when using Rails

0 votes

I need to upload files in my rails application.the type of the files should be pdf,xls,word.After that i need to download them from the view page.plz help me in this regard.

posted Jul 9, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

You should look at Paperclip gem It is very easy to use and allows to upload files.

answer Jul 9, 2013 by anonymous
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Does anybody know if there's anyway to upload a .xlsx file and then convert it to .xls file for later processing?

I'd like to use spreadsheet to write a new xls file but it doesn't support xlsx and the file is only importable with that format sadly. I saw roo but I don't know if there's a direct way to do it.

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I was working on a test app and everything was going great. However now when I run "rails server" and none of the changes to the controller files are reflected.

If I make changes to HTML files, those are reflected. And yes, I'm sure am in the right directory editing the correct files.

I can get rid of actions in the controller files and it still works fine. Do I have to do something after I change the ruby files? I thought I could just save them then run 'rails server'... It had seemed to be working doing just that previously.

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I need to use the model name 'Action' (which will not work in Rails 4.0.3) for business reasons (it's a product name). If I name the actual model something else, is there any way to (maybe with mod_rewrite) make the URL appear the way I need it to while keeping everything working in Rails?

I've tried using the controller flag in routes.rb to try to fix this, and it seems to work, but causes a lot of problems elsewhere -- basically anything where I use the automatic URLs, like

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What am I missing here?

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