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Want to know the more details about TDLTE but could not locate any good pointer (Wiki does not have much info) any pointer/link/book. Thanks for your time.

closed with the note: The answer is specified in comment box.
posted Jul 26, 2013 by Amit Parthsarthi

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+1 vote

I am getting downlink UE throughput much greater than downlink cell throughput. Is this possible to get higher UE throughput than cell throughput? I am using below formula for calculations:

DL UE throughput (kbps) = (pdcpvolDL Drb - PdcpVolDlDrbLastTTI)/UeThpTimeDl/1000

DL Cell throughput (kbps)= PdcpVolDlDrb/SchedActivityCellDl/1000

Also what is the best metric that i can use to get the actual user throughput experience in network.

+2 votes
–1 vote

I have asked this at LTEUNIVERSITY but no luck -

I'm confused with FFT size and number of occupied sub carrier in LTE,
enter image description here

I can understand relation between sampling rate and FFT. But In my understanding, the number of frequency that we can get from FFT/DFT operation is only half of FFT size, for example NFFT 1024 can only analyze 512 frequency, SO, why in these LTE standard, for example 10 MHz bandwidth LTE which is have 600 sub carrier can use 1024 FFT since 1024 FFT only able to analyze 512 frequency.

Appreciate your help .

+1 vote

Following is the list of NAS cause codes

  • Normal Release
  • Authentication Failure
  • Detach
  • Unspecified
  • CSG Subscription Expiry

Can someone provide some reference to when exactly a "Normal Release" cause is used vs a "Unspecified" cause.

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