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what are all possible information can be transfered in CCCH?

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posted Jan 11 by Chakri

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2 Answers

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CCCH is a common control channel through which UE messages are exchanged in downlink and uplink direction. This channel is used for UE signalling message exchange before establishment of dedicated channel (DCCH) for each UE.
Messages exchanged over this channel is categorized into two groups as following:

DL-CCCH messages : List of messages from eNodeB to UE
- RRC Connection Reject
- RRC Connection Setup
- RRC Re-establishment Reject
- RRC Connection Re-establishment

UL-CCCH messages: List of messages from UE to eNodeB
- RRC Connection Request
- RRC Connection Re-establishment Request

answer Jan 11 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
0 votes

It can be RRC connection setup or re establishment message,

answer Jan 11 by Jaganathan
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