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How many PLMN is supported in single cell ?

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LTE can share multiple PLMN in an single cell, This PLMN list will be transmitted in SIB1. but how many PLMN does single ENB supports?

posted Apr 21 by Himani

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1 Answer

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As per specification a cell can broadcast up to 6 PLMNs. First plmn in the list is known as primary plmn while others are known as secondary plmn. Theoretically an eNodeB can support up to 255 cells but I never heard this number for a deployed site. In case RAN sharing there might be possibility that eNodeB is being shared. Theoretically maximum numbers can be calculated i.e 255 * 6 assumed each cell serving different set of PLMNs but it is not realistic number.

answer Apr 22 by Harshita

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