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When Enb will send rrc connection reject mesage to UE and What are the scenarios?

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posted May 17 by Gnanendra Reddy

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1 Answer

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One scenario which I can visualize is "Maximum no of supported UEs in the RRC-connected mode has been reached" and call admission control module can not cater any further incoming requests. Since this stage of eNodeB is completely dynamic because few users may go into the RRC-IDLE mode and eNodeB can cater new RRC connection request, it sends rrc connection reject message with extended wait time in units of seconds range 1 to 1800. That does not mean next attempt for RRC Connection Request would be successful. It is just a probability.

answer May 19 by Harshita
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Is their any triggering point ENB has to send Measurement consfiguration to UE.

Generally measurement configuration will come in RRC Reconfiguration message.At intall attach procedure ENB will send RRC Connection Reconfiguration message to send SRB2 and DRB configuration.

So,My question what is the triggering point to send Measurement configuration.

+1 vote

I saw RRC Connection Reject message in specification. There is an IE "deprioritisationReq" within the RRCConnectionReject message. I want to know when eNodeB includes this IE while rejecting a rrc connection request for an UE.

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