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What is the exact use of Physical cell id (PCI) over the cell id ?

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posted May 17 by Bharat Kumar

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1 Answer

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Physical Cell Identity is used to differentiate a cell from its neighbor in limited geography. Same physical cell Ids can be re-used but cell identity is used to identify a cell in an operator network purview. Cell Identity can be used by an operator for O&M purpose.

answer May 19 by Harshita
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What is the difference/relationship between Physical Cell ID (PCI) and Physical Layer Identity and Physical layer cell identity group number?

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Why there are only 504 Physical cell id ? Based on what parameter these value is fixed?What is the significance of N1 id and N2 id. Why these are divided into two ? I know how to get these ID from PSS/SSS but why they fixed with 504?

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Is there any formula being applied while choosing PCI for a lte cell or any random value in range of 1-504 can be used ?

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