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Free firewall app that allows any free vpn app to run or free vpn app that includes a firewall from Google Play Store.

+3 votes

I need a free firewall app that allows any free vpn app to run or a free vpn app that includes a firewall from the Google Play Store. Must not keep logs and no DNS leaks.

Can any Android expert help?

posted Jul 16 by Mr Berwyn H Price
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I dont think we have any such app, atleast I dont know.
No such app

1 Answer

+2 votes

As far as I know there is no fireall app which can serve this purpose, for the general purpose firewall you can look into the following apps -
NoRoot Firewall

Also if you are looking for the free vpn apps (which are very few atleast in free space most are freemium) then you can check the following -
OpenVPN Connect
OpenVPN for Android

answer Jul 17 by Salil Agrawal

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