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What is the difference between c and c++ in terms of design?

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posted Aug 11 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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In terms of design C uses top down approach in finding solution to a problem, Where as c++ uses bottomup approach in designing a solution to a problem

Generally c programmer will start with main function and divides his task into sub functions or sub tasks, hence it is top-down. Where as if you take c++ programmer, he will start understanding from the basic concept of object, and then creates classes for those objects, then he will establish the communication between the classes, and then plugs or combines all the classes in main function. Since he is designing his solution from the smallest element object, and ending up plugging all the components in main, so it follows generally bottom-up approach. Note: It is the general scenario, so one can't argue what will happen if a c++ programmer don't use bottom-up approach, and one may claim that I always write program from main method.

answer Aug 11 by Manikandan J

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