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At which point the LTE throughput is measured ? At UE handset or Enodeb Antenna port or somewhere else?

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posted Aug 11 by Mohit

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2 Answers

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Whenever any technology claims a particular number as throughput, it is considered w.r.t to end user. It is about end user who experiences the better throughput in terms of better service response. When the data is pushed to any system with a particular rate and the data rate end user receive, the difference shows the performance of a system.
If you are pumping data with x bits/second and you are getting x bits/second at UE then your system is not a bottle neck but sometimes the same level of throughput is not achieved.
As per my experience, data throughput is tested at each node individually and when end to end system is integrated it is verified end to end.

answer Aug 13 by Harshita
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I think , LTE throughput shall be measured at Mac layer of both ue and eNb. Transport block size table is also defined in 36.213 with no of prb Vs TBS index.

answer Aug 13 by Veer Pal Singh Yadav
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antenna port is used to transmit the TB , explain how TB will be transmitted in antenna port?

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At the high level I understand LTE nodes and signalling but want to learn in depth. I read one statement saying " MIB information is scrambled with antenna specific mask". Now I want to understand if an eNodeB supports multiple antennas (saying two antennas) , known as MIMO, then in that case, does an eNodeB sends MIB information into two different frequency spaces ? MIB is transmitted into subframe #0 of each radio frame.
Now I have doubt when we say MIB is scrambled with antenna specific mask before broadcasting and only middle 6 RBs are used to braodcast MIB, then in case of MIMO where multiple antennas are being used to send MIBs. Shall MIB from both the antennas overlap due to same 6 RBs or the same 6 RBs can be used to broadcast MIBs from both the antennas ?

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