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fastCGI on fedora server

+1 vote

I have a webserver (apache 2.4/php5/mysql 5.6) and i want to be sure it is setup to use FastCGI.

when i execute phpinfo(); i can see (in loaded modules):


however using my standard fedora user account, Ii still can not edit/remove/move files/folders owned by apache user account.

while searching on internet i discovered that fastCGI should allow me (using my fedora user account) to do such thing, even if files/folders are owned by apache user account. Therefore i deduced that fastCGI doesn't work properly on my webserver. Please, could you tell me how can i be sure that fastCGI runs well on my webserver and that i use it correctly ?

posted Jun 14, 2013 by anonymous

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Disc I/O is down by a factor of 8 when copying significant amounts of data. (say 7 Gbyte) The application originally ran on Fedora 15 on an HP DL385 (8-cores) with 8Gbyte memory. The VM is running under Fedora 18 on a Dell R520 with 8 Gbyte with a fixed VHD disc

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I'm running Fedora-24(beta)/KDE, and sendmail/email (through KMail) is failing.
When I try to send email I get the warning "Failed to transmit message", and journalctl has the entry
"sendmail.service: PID file /run/ not readable (yet?)
after start: No such file or directory".

I've checked, and is in place:

$ sudo cat /run/ 
/usr/sbin/sendmail -bd -q1h 

Googling for the journalctl entry, I see people have been encountering this problem for years. But I haven't seen any solution offered. Several of the comments suggest that it is a systemd problem.

please help?

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