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How can I forward emails in Gmail

+1 vote

I have a Gmail account. I need to forward selected old emails (in one shot) to a different account.
How can I do it in Gmail?

Quick search on Google showed few links, but they does not work.

Don't know why Google has made Bulk forward tough for users.

posted Jul 24, 2013 by Sudheendra

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I finally manage to forward old emails following this link.

But there is no straight forward way of doing this.

1 Answer

+1 vote

In Gmail under Settings>>Filters create a filter that will select all of the 100 emails you want to forward. You may have to play around with the some to get it right, but you can use the TEST SEARCH button to make sure you have the right messages selected. Click on NEXT STEP.

Put the address you want to forward to in the "FORWARD IT TO" box.

Once you have the filter right check the "ALSO APPLY FILTER TO... CONVERSATIONS BELOW" then click on CREATE FILTER to apply the action to the selected conversations. You may want to delete the filter after you are done if you don't want to keep forwarding.

answer Jul 24, 2013 by Sumit Pokharna
I found this answer ..but it does not work for existing/older emails.
With a filter, only new emails are automatically sent to the configured email Id.

Thanks anyway.
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