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Diameter correlation over multiple Interfaces

+2 votes

In case of multiple OCS node with multiple PCRF/PCEF how correlation happen over multiple interface? i.e. how a user call terminate on a specific node.

posted Aug 30, 2013 by Luv Kumar

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Luv, not sure if I understand the question correctly. If you, by different interfaces, mean Gx, Rx etc (ie, interface between P-GW and PCRF, AF and PCRF etc), then "DRA" (Diameter Routing Agent) function defined in 3GPP specs can identify related sessions on different interfaces and forward them to the same PCRF.
If this is of interest, I can provide more pointers.

answer Sep 2, 2013 by Rathnakumar Kayyar
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+1 vote

Hi all,

We have complexity linked to Gy and Gx interfaces.

Let's say that we have two rules configured as static on PGW with :

Rule1= Reports RatingGroup1
Rule2= Reports RatingGroup2

When PCRF install Rule 1 on Gx, the ratingGroup reported by PGW to OCS is RatingGroup1
When PCRF uninstal Rule1 then install Rule2, the ratingGroup reported by PGW remain RatingGroup1 till a Gy trigger is reached (revalidation time, GSU consumption...).
Then the problem on our system is that when PCRF change the rules on Gx interface the PGW keep reporting the old rating group on Gy interface ie: Gx change do not lead to a Gy change similtanously. I m wondering if there is a standard behaviour for such a use case?

Thanks a lot

+2 votes

Though its a very straight forward question, but none of the place describes the consolidated but crisp list of Diameter Interfaces applicable in LTE. Please help.

+3 votes

3GPP 29.210 section 6 talks about Gx over Gy application. My question is about the use case, i.e. in what practical scenario one will require to have Gx over Gy support.

+1 vote

I have a very generic question. I took PCEF to describe my problem.
PGW supports multiple diameter based applications like Gx, Gy and Gz. When a message receives at PCEF from the peer diameter entities, how does PCEF come to know source of message and after that what PCEF does to forward this message to the proper application running at the PCEF.

My question is implementation specific. Please provide inputs in details.

I also want to know about session termination in Diameter protocol. Again, I am considering PCEF to describe my question. When a session is established between PCEF and PCRF ? either (CER and CEA) or (CCR and CCA) ?

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